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  • Pakhi Garg

Skyy Skill Academy Centre of Excellence Electric Vehicle Lab Setup at BCET, Balasore

Skyy Skill Academy unveiled its state-of-the-art Center of Excellence Electric Vehicle (EV) Lab Setup at BCET, Balasore, which offers people thorough knowledge and useful skills in the field of electric vehicle technology. It was created to serve as a center of innovation and learning for aspiring EV enthusiasts and professionals.The curriculum at Skyy Skill Academy was broad and covered a range of topics related to electric vehicles (EVs), such as their introduction, main components, design, technology, manufacturing processes, and current state of the market. 

Comprehensive modules covering EV Design, Vehicle Dynamics, Battery Technology, Battery Management Systems, and Simulation of EV Cells were included in the course curriculum. Students studied batteries, motors, and chargers theoretically before moving on to practical parts of the subject and manufacturing techniques like cutting, welding, and electric harness design, gaining hands-on experience through practical sessions.

One of the unique features of the program was the emphasis on real-world application through Multiple Minor and Major industrial projects and case studies focused on EV technology. These projects enhanced understanding and provided invaluable insights into industry practices, ensuring that students were well-prepared for the challenges of the modern EV sector.

Offline sessions offered a conducive environment for immersive learning, allowing students to interact with industry experts and mentors on a one-to-one basis. This personalized approach ensured that each student received individualized guidance and support throughout their learning journey.

Upon completion of the program, students achieved a range of outcomes, including hands-on practice in sheet metal operations, welding, and casting technology. They gained practical skills that were directly applicable to the EV industry, empowering them to pursue careers in manufacturing, design, or research and development.

The goal of Skyy Skill Academy is to promote an innovative and high-quality culture of electric vehicle education. The dynamic learning environment offered by the Electric Vehicle Lab Setup allowed students to investigate, test, and succeed in this quickly developing subject.

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