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Solar Lab

The proposed Solar Lab will be a state-of-the-art facility equipped with the latest solar technology, including photovoltaic panels, solar inverters, energy storage systems, and monitoring tools. The lab will provide students with the opportunity to explore various aspects of solar energy generation, storage, and distribution. Additionally, it will serve as a research hub for faculty members to engage in impactful studies related to solar energy

Solar Panels

1. Our Specialties

Educate students about solar energy technology, its applications, and its role in sustainable development.

2. Featured Projects

Facilitate hands-on learning experiences for students through practical experiments and projects.

3. Features

Promote awareness and understanding of the environmental benefits of solar energy.

4. The Latest

Encourage research and development in the field of solar energy to contribute to
technological advancements. 

Aim of the Lab

Types of Solar Labs

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8.2 Lakhs

+GST (Approx.)

(Area Required - 450 Sqft.)

Solar Power Generating System

Solar Dual 1 Hp BLDC Submersible Pump Combo Supply

Solar Street Light Combo Supply

Solar Power Generating System Demo Setup


4 Lakhs

+ GST (Approx.)

(Area Required- 300Sqft.)

✅Solar Power Generating System Demo Setup

✅Solar Dual Pump Supply Combo

✅Solar 1 HP Water Pump Combo

✅Solar Street Light Combo Supply


11.8 Lakhs

+GST (Approx.)

(Area Required-500 Sqft.)

Solar Power Generating System Hybrid Power Plant

Solar Power Generating System

(Solar On-Grid Power Plant)

Solar Dual 1 Hp AC-DC Submersible Pump and Motor Combo Supply

Solar Fencing Combo Pack

Solar Power Generating System Demo Setup 

  • Establishing a Solar Lab at your esteemed institution will offer several benefits to the institution:

    • Enhance the academic curriculum by integrating practical knowledge and skills in renewable energy.

    • Attract top-tier faculty and researchers interested in solar energy studies.

    • Strengthen partnerships with industry leaders in the renewable energy sector for collaborative research and internship opportunities.

    • Position the institution as a leader in sustainable technology education, attracting prospective students and enhancing its reputation.

  • The Solar Lab will provide numerous advantages to students, including:

    • Practical skills development through hands-on experiments and projects.

    • Exposure to real-world applications of solar energy, preparing students for careers in the renewable energy sector.

    • Opportunities for internships, research projects, and collaboration with industry partners.

    • Enhanced employability with a focus on sustainable and green technologies

Our Solar Lab Setups

Check out our Solar Lab Setups installed at various Colleges and Institutions.

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