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Skyy Skill Academy Has Been Featured In Daily Hunt

Revolutionizing Education to Fill the Skill Gap in India's Electric Vehicle Boom

In the wake of India's electric vehicle (EV) revolution, Skyy Skill Academy is set to redefine the landscape of skill development, aligning itself with the burgeoning demand for 'green' skills in the automotive industry. The recent Global Green Skills Report by LinkedIn underscores India's remarkable lead in acquiring green skills, particularly in the automotive sector, with a staggering 40% increase in the past five years.

Linking the Buzz of EV Industry with Skill Development.

The EV industry is witnessing an unprecedented surge, with estimates suggesting the creation of up to 10 million direct jobs by 2030. Skyy Skill Academy is strategically positioning itself to meet this demand, anticipating the need for skilled professionals in diverse roles, from research and development to manufacturing, charging infrastructure deployment, and technical positions.

Sanjay Shetty, Director at Randstad India, estimates the creation of 50-55 million indirect job opportunities in the EV sector. This surge in demand has, however, led to a significant skills shortage. Skyy Skill Academy recognizes the challenges posed by this demand-supply mismatch and aims to address them comprehensively.

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Skyy Skill Academy in the News

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