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Skyy Skill Academy And ASDC Join Forces To Enhance Electric Vehicle Skills Nationwide

Skyy Rider
Skyy Skill and ASDC

Skyy Skill Academy recently announced its partnership with the Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC) to introduce EV Skills Labs in different educational organizations and institutions in the country. They signed the MoU at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 event which took place at Bharat Mandapam in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, on 3rd February 2024. The event saw guests like ASDC CEO Arindam Lahiri and other reputable personalities.

This particular partnership is set to fully change the transportation industry's future. Additionally, it fulfills the growing requirement for skilled Electric Vehicle (EV) technicians in the automotive industry.

Skyy Skill Academy focuses on delivering top-notch Technician training with the help of their EV Skill Labs. These labs are equipped with the best Cutting-edge technology and put into practice in different educational institutions and organizations across the country.

Supported by ASDC, these EV Skill Labs are designed to simplify learning and bring forth innovation to the next generation of EV experts. Skyy Skill Academy is being able to make this happen through the recent ASDC Partnership.

The goal is to fulfill the growing requirement of skilled professionals in the electric vehicle field. The automotive industry these days prioritises sustainability and eco-friendly solutions which has increased the demand for technicians in the field.

Skyy Skill Academy and ASDC deliver training programsto help and support budding talents learn more about the EV technologies. As a leading name in the tech education industry, Skyy Skill Academy strives to remove the EV technician shortage.

EV Skill Labs by Skyy Skill Academy help learners enhance skills required for the electrical vehicle industry. With the help of ASDC, Skyy Skill Academy can put EV Skills Labs into practicein different educational institutions and organizations. These labs are equipped with advanced tools and machinery that are designed to deliver practical training to both students and professionals.

Skyy Skill Academy's decision to form a partnership with ASDC is beneficial for EV technicians who are willing to enhance their skill set. This particular collaboration brings forth certified training programs in EV technologies to ensure learners receive the necessary qualifications. This way Skyy Skill Academy can fulfill the increasing demand for EV professionals in the sector.

Skyy Skill Academy and ASDC are set to work together to deliver tailored training modules to learners that include topics like EV fundamentals, advanced diagnostics, etc.

Skyy Skill Academy promises to upgrade the EV Skill Labs in institutions with advanced tools and equipment. This shows their commitment to advancement and helping students receive the expected training. After completing the course students are to receive certifications from Skyy Skill Academy. These industry-recognized certifications are important for students and enhance their credibility in the industry.

The EV Skill Labs are meant for both students and local technicians. Skyy Skill Academy delivers training programs to professional technicians to help them level up their skill sets. As the Implementation partner, Skyy Skill Academy is set to introduce new EV Skill Labs in educational institutions and colleges nationwide.

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