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India’s First and Only
Sector Skill Council Approved E- Mobility Lab and Center of Excellence (COE EV).


Our Labs are Powered by ASDC

CEO of ASDC Talking about EV CoE
Image by Codioful (Formerly Gradienta)

About Us

What is EV Skill Lab?

EV skill Lab is India's leading & best EV Lab & Center of excellence setting up company. EV Skill Lab is a business vertical of mother company Skyy Skill Academy which is India's leading Skill Development & Placement company.

Have a look at our different offerings.

Types of EV Labs

We Offer

Basic Lab

Basic COE EV Lab
10 Lakhs Onwards

Area Required- 300 Sqft.

4-Wheeler Test Rig

4-Wheeler Simulator


Basic Plus Lab

Basic Plus COE EV Lab
15 Lakhs Onwards

Area Required- 450 Sqft.

Basic Lab

3 Wheeler Loader

Electric Scooter

Standard Lab

Standard COE EV Lab
22 Lakhs Onwards

Area Required- 500 Sqft.

Basic Lab Plus

Golf Cart (6 Seater)

2 Wheeler Simulator

Standard Plus Lab

EV Lab
50 Lakhs Onwards

Area Required- 800 Sqft.

Standard Plus

Hybrid E-Bike

Toolbox and Testers

Key Features of our Labs:

State-of-the-art labs equipped with the latest EV technology.

Experienced instructors with deep industry insights.

Collaborations with leading EV companies for real-world exposure.

A focus on sustainable solutions and

eco-friendly practices.

Comprehensive support for students' career journeys.

Procurement, establishment will be done completely by our team

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EV Lab Setup as COE at Different Places

Advanced COE EV Lab
BCET, Balasore
COE EV Lab Setup
Government Polytechnic, Koraput
COE EV Lab Setup at GP, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa
Government Polytechnic, Bhubaneswar
COE EV Lab Setup at Govt. ITI, Jaipur
Govt ITI, Jajpur
COE EV Lab Setup at GRIET, Hyderabad
GRIET, Hyderabad
COE EV Lab Setup at Govt. ITI, Mallepally
Govt. ITI, Mallepally
Revolutionizing Automotive Education: Electric Vehicle Lab Setup and FDP at Govt Polytechnic Mayurbhanj
Government Polytechnic, Mayurbhanj
COE EV Lab Setup at Govt. ITI, Mallepally
PMC Tech, Hosur
PMC Tech, Hosur
Center of Excellence EV Lab Setup
G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool
Government Polytechnic, Koraput
Center of Excellence EV Lab Setup
Sandip University Sijoul, Bihar
Center of Excellence EV Lab Setup
Government Polytechnic, Balasore

How Everyone gets Benefited?

Bihar's first EV Skill COE Lab

Benefit of Establishing a Center of Excellence EV Lab at College:

  • In-house EV training facility boosts accreditation and attracts more admissions.

  • Job opportunities in EV and entrepreneurship encouragement prepare students for the industry and inspire business ventures.

  • Research, publications, and innovation hub fosters creativity and academic achievements.

  • Collaborative learning extends benefits beyond the college to students from other institutions and the local community.

  • Upgradable lab ensures professionals stay current with EV developments.

  • Aims to produce skilled graduates, enhancing their success in the job market and contributing to the EV industry's growth.

with IACE

(Govt. of Gujarat & with Maruti Suzuki) to exchange EV Technology and Skills.